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As a top LinkedIn Thought Leader on negotiation, Scott regularly speaks at events around the world and is a Sunday Times bestselling author.

Trusted by clients such as Amazon, Zoom, Deloitte, McKinsey's, Sky, Lloyds Bank, Canva, BBC, Hermes, Aviva, Flippa, BNP Paribas, Apple, Deutsche Telecom, United Nations, Accenture & the London Business School.

How I Communicate With Terrorists & Kidnappers

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Modern Wisdom Podcast interview

Jordan Harbinger podcast interview

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Newspaper and News

  • Sky News

    Former hostage negotiator Scott Walker says you have to be 'an optimist' following news hostages have been taken by Hamas.

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  • The Guardian

    ‘Dealing with kidnappers is easy!’ A hostage negotiator reveals the secrets that can transform your life.

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  • Treasury Today

    A recent bestseller, which has been written by a hostage negotiator, gives some top tips on the art of persuasion and communicating effectively.

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  • i-News

    I’m a kidnap negotiator – here’s how I stay calm in incredibly stressful situations, and you can too.

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  • Crisis Response Journal

    Emily Hough reviews Order out of Chaos by Scott Walker, delving into negotiation, conflict, and tools that work.

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  • The Guardian

    How to ask for a pay rise – and make sure you get it. Be sure of your facts so you can confidently argue your current pay is not in line with the market.

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  • The New York Times

    How to bargain like a kidnap negotiator. One tip, keep your cool! Full article for NY Times subscribers.

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  • Harvard Business Review

    Managing yourself. Negotiate Like a Pro. During his former career as a kidnapping and extortion negotiator, the author handled sensitive cases all over the world.

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  • Fast Company

    We all have to interact with difficult people in our lives. Here’s how to do it more effectively.

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  • The emma guns show

    Scott Walker | A hostage negotiator on staying calm in a crisis and the many ways you can look at risk.

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  • The Rebel Work Podcast

    Scott Walker: Empathy, Sympathy & Compassion - Lessons from a Hostage Negotiator.

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    Coco speaks with Scott Walker - detective, kidnap negotiator and author!

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    Hosted by Nikki Pak, a Certified Coach and Change Manager who helps Middle Managers in the 9-to-5 find passion and joy in their work again.

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    The kidnapping of Muriel McKay. The investigation, dogged by a media frenzy, was the largest of its kind, taking over 250 officers some 40 days to solve.

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