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Scott Walker has probably one of the most difficult jobs in the world. When pirates have hijacked a ship, when a criminal gang has kidnapped someone, when an entire company’s future is being held to ransom from a cyber-attack, Scott is the person who gets called in. He has successfully negotiated more than 300 such incidents using the principles in his book and corporate negotiation masterclass.

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A new approach to succeeding in negotiations where failure is not an option, from one of the world's most experienced kidnap for ransom negotiators.

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As a top LinkedIn Thought Leader on negotiation, Scott regularly speaks at events around the world

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Scott uses his decades of experience to help audiences develop a unique understanding of what makes people think, feel and act and provides tools that cut straight to the most effective ways of communicating, specifically in times of adversity, conflict, and uncertainty. He works with leaders at all levels of an organisation who are keen to enhance their resilience, emotional intelligence and communication skills. He helps companies build a resilient mindset culture and develop engaged, fulfilled, purpose-driven and productive teams.

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“The content and overall training was so good I want to do it again! Thanks, Scott. My negotiation game just got 10X, plus I am finding it much easier to have that difficult conversation I was avoiding. Thank you.”

KFF, United Nations

"Scott was a pleasure to work with. He brought energy, insight, and a professional approach to the coaching session. Whilst finding the process positively challenging and being made to work hard, the support, guidance, and accountability that I experienced enabled me to achieve clarity around my professional goals and add real value to my role as a Senior VP in a FTSE 100 company."

GG, SVP Pearson Vue

"I found the sessions very useful and beneficial. Scott made me feel comfortable so that I could be open and honest yet at the same time step out of my comfort zone. This enabled me to think clearly and take action, ultimately leading to a number of breakthroughs and achieving both my personal and business goals."
EG @ HR Banking FTSE250

EG @ HR Banking FTSE250 LONDON

“The tools and techniques Scott shared were so good I'll carry them for the rest of my career. They also work at home! Great stuff.”

“The content is first class and has really helped me and my team to have better customer conversations and achieve more conversions.”

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