How to Become A World Class Communicator

With Scott Walker and Martin Richards, two of the world’s most experienced kidnap, hostage and crisis negotiators.

This powerful online course will teach you proven techniques to communicate even more effectively, particularly during difficult, emotional and challenging conversations.

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presented by Scott Walker and Martin Richards. 

  • Scott Walker

    As an accredited and highly experienced life and business coach, it is my mission to inspire and enable each of my clients to live a successful and fulfilled life. 

    I do this by facilitating learning, change and development in a way that enables them to realise their potential and achieve their most valued goals. These include areas such as developing resilient and authentic leadership, growing a business or overcoming limiting beliefs and old habits which are preventing them achieving substantial success both in their personal and professional life.

  • Martin Richards

    I am a firm believer that the skills of hostage negotiation can help everyone have more meaningful and rewarding conversations. 

    They are trusted techniques, not only for crisis interventions and kidnap scenarios, but can enhance your business transactions, relationships and help you to deal with conflict and reduce another’s stress and anxieties.  
    Ultimately, it’s all about being better at listening and persuading. I am excited that our course can help you to become a world class communicator

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