Elevate Your Negotiation Game – From Stressed to Skilled

Become a Better Negotiator Workshop with Scott Walker. Scott's workshops continue to sell out quickly, so there is limited availability in 2024. All participants will receive a signed copy of Scott's Sunday Times bestselling book, Order Out of Chaos.

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How do you feel in a negotiation?

Feel overwhelmed when approaching sensitive discussions?
Difficulty in managing emotions - yours and others?
Want to influence without authority, but not sure how?
Unsure how to adapt to diverse emotional and cultural landscapes?
Facing last-minute hurdles in negotiations?
Seeking to close deals more effectively and confidently?

the path to negotiation excellence starts here

The half-day immersive negotiation workshop provides proven tools and techniques to influence and persuade others regardless of the circumstances. These have all been repeatedly tested in situations where the stakes simply can't get any higher. Participants will learn how to immediately apply them after the session.

"Scott is a master communicator who knows how to add value! His content, supported by real cases and scenarios, brought everything to life. His workshop is electrifying!"

mastering negotiation

Join a Scott Walker Workshop to Master:

  • Ease in Difficult Conversations: Navigate challenging talks with confidence
  • Emotional Intelligence: Regulate and respond to emotions effectively
  • Influence & Persuasion: Learn the art of swaying opinions
  • Adaptive Communication: Tailor your approach to align with diverse needs
  • Cultural & Generational Insights: Understand how differences shape negotiations
  • Overcoming Sabotage: Tackle last-minute obstacles skilfully
  • Deal Closing Mastery: Boost your success rate in sealing deals
  • Global Confidence: Be prepared for any negotiation table, anywhere

What will you gain?

  • Leaders and Managers

    • Who: Professionals stepping into leadership roles or current managers seeking to enhance their skills.
    • Why They Benefit: Managing teams and leading projects often involve tough decisions and delicate conversations. This workshop equips aspiring leaders with the skills to handle these challenges with confidence. They will learn to approach sensitive topics, manage diverse team emotions, and persuade others effectively, enhancing their leadership capabilities.
  • Sales and Business Development

    • Who: Individuals in sales, marketing, or business development roles.
    • Why They Benefit: Professionals in these roles frequently negotiate deals and engage with a variety of clients. This workshop helps them understand and adapt to different customer needs and cultural nuances, enhancing their ability to close deals and build lasting relationships.
  • HR And Mediators

    • Who: HR team members, conflict mediators, and those involved in employee relations.
    • Why They Benefit: These professionals often mediate conflicts and facilitate discussions on sensitive topics. The workshop provides them with advanced skills in understanding and regulating emotions, leading to more effective conflict resolution and positive workplace dynamics.


"The tools and techniques Scott shared were so good I'll carry them for the rest of my career. They also work at home! Great stuff."

Workshop Participant

"The content and overall training was so good I want to do it again! Thanks,Scott. My negotiation game just got 10X, plus I am finding it much easier to have that difficult conversation I was avoiding. Thank you."

Workshop Participant

"Scott is a master communicator who knows how to add value! His content, supported by real cases a n d scenarios, brought everything to life. His workshop is electrifying!"


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Workshop Participant

"I've gained so many insights from Scott. They've been a huge help to me in securing more clients and closing the deal."

Workshop Participant

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  • Direct to Scott

    Info@winanynegotiation.com. Please note that courses are limited in 2024 due to high demand. Costs vary according to number of participants and location. The workshop is also available virtually.